Del Bigtree

Title Founder, ICAN

Del Bigtree has been an Emmy Award winning producer on the daytime talk show THE DOCTORS for over six years. With a background both as a filmmaker and an investigative medical journalist, Del is best known for combining visually impactful imagery, raw emotional interviews and unbiased investigative research into stories that push the envelope of daytime television. When Del began investigating the story of the CDC Whistleblower and the fraud perpetrated by the CDC he soon realized that he had stumbled upon a story of corruption and deception beyond any he had ever seen. Since then, Del has been traveling the nation, meeting with politicians and standing with parents in their fight to maintain our freedom of choice. He is the host of HighWire Talk, a show that find the answers to the questions everyone else is afraid to ask.

Catharine Layton

Title Chief Administrative Officer

Catharine Layton has worked in the non-profit field for over 7 years.  A Summa Cum Laude graduate with a degree in opera, Catharine left a career in music to advocate for children, scientific integrity and fundamental parental rights on local, state and national levels.  She decided to make this change after learning about corruption at the CDC substantiated by whistleblower, Dr. William Thompson. She has two vaccine injured children and is passionate about researching biomedical interventions to help improve underlying medical conditions for those with autism.

James Scherrer

Title Media Director

James Morgan Scherrer is a passionate, inquisitive, truth-seeker currently applying his diverse experience in media production for social and humanitarian causes, the preservation of Constitutional rights and children’s advocacy. James’ media production experience in Film & Television includes hit-shows Kid Nation, Extreme Makeover Home Edition, 500 Questions, documentary films and commercials. James has a broad spectrum of interests, ranging from Independent film, writing, photography, art, acting, farming, traveling, and spending time with his family and animals at his home outside of Boulder, Colorado. His spiritual training and practice is rooted in the Indigenous Q’ero tribe of Peru, South America and the Lakota lineage of First Americans.

James’s personal and professional experience make him a harmonizing force, a supportive team-player, an empathic communicator, and able to authentically interface with a broad spectrum of individuals and organizations; James uses theoretical, developmental and practical applications for generating solutions. “I want to help save the world”, best describes his life’s motto.

Patrick Layton

Title Social Media Director

Patrick joins the ICAN team off the heels of a position with the Autism Media Channel,  as the Driver for the Vaxxed Nation Tour.  Patrick personally drove over 24,000 miles in the driver’s seat of the Vaxxed bus,  visiting dozens of cities, advocating for health freedom,  and connecting with thousands of parents and families like his own,  as a father of two vaccine-injured children who regressed into autism.

Combining operational, marketing, and performance experience in fine arts,  Patrick is dedicated to advocating for parents of children with chronic illness,  and for informed consent.

Jefferey Jaxen

Title Field Correspondent

Jefferey Jaxen is a researcher, investigative journalist, and writer consistently on the front lines of original content creation in the health, wellness, and news sectors. An early adopter of “new media” Jefferey has shared his talents to create a unique online brand of health journalism. Jefferey is steadily working behind the scenes to spotlight the untold, censored and under-reported stories of our time. His investigative voice, original content, and reporting abilities are now a staple for a growing audience.

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