V-Safe Data

Find the interactive V-Safe dashboard below and click the DOWNLOAD buttons to obtain exclusive data obtained by ICAN.


V-Safe Free-Text Data

This data contains the entries made by V-Safe users in the open text fields (or “free text” fields) in the V-Safe app. As of February 2024, CDC has been producing and will continue to produce this data in monthly batches with the final batch due January 15, 2025.

Title Date File Size Download
3rd Interim Release.xlsx April 15, 2024 17 MB
2nd Interim Release.xlsx March 15, 2024 17 MB
1st Interim Release.xlsx February 15, 2024 16 MB


The free text entries submitted by V-Safe users were converted to MedDRA codes (international medical terminology) by CDC contractors. This dataset contains the user IDs, dates, and codes, but not the free-text entries themselves.

Title Date File Size Download
VSAFE_covid19_meddra_20210906.zip October 13, 2023 241 MB
VSAFE_MedDRA_SRO_prelim_data_04102023.zip June 1, 2023 221 MB

V-SAFE DATA (Pre-Populated Data)

This data contains the pre-populated (or check-the-box) data from the V-Safe app, which is used to power the Dashboard above.

Title Date File Size Download
consolidated_vaccinations[1].zip September 30, 2022 151 MB
consolidated_registrants[1].zip September 30, 2022 125 MB
consolidated_race_ethnicity[1].zip September 30, 2022 93 MB
Consolidated_health_checkin_u3[1].zip September 30, 2022 4 MB
consolidated_health_checkin.zip September 30, 2022 5 GB


According to CDC protocol, users were to be contacted by telephone if they reported a significant, medically attended health impact in the V-Safe app. This dataset contains the records for those calls.

Title Date File Size Download
vsafe_call_center_data_12142020_05212023_foia_23_00926.csv May 21, 2023 301 MB
vsafe_gdit_call_center_data_12142020_06182023_foia_23_00925.csv June 18, 2023 225 MB