Legal Action

Cuomo’s False Claim that Only Gun Industry Immune from Civil Lawsuits

On July 6, 2021, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo tweeted: “The gun industry is the only industry in America with immunity from civil lawsuits.”  Anyone that has spent even a few minutes researching vaccines knows, this statement is entirely untrue!  There is another industry in America with immunity to civil lawsuits: the vaccine industry!  The fact that Cuomo is not aware of this, or perhaps has an interest in ignoring this, is incredible given that he has been on a years-long, ongoing crusade crushing civil liberties and rights in his quest to mandate vaccines and remove vaccine exemptions.  We hope that Cuomo will correct his tweet but if history is any guide, he appears to believe that the truth is whatever he says.  As Cuomo pointed out, immunity from liability for injuries is “an insult” to those harmed.  On that issue, we actually agree. Cuomo’s ignorance has earned a write-up on ICAN’s fact check hall of fame.