Legal Action

ICAN Supports Successful Legal Challenges to COVID-19 Vaccines Mandates


During the period that they only had emergency use authorization, ICAN directly provided support to legally challenge any employer that required a COVID-19 vaccine.

ICAN’s legal team send out innumerable letters to employers and universities across the country that announced COVID-19 mandates for this unlicensed product.  For example, here is a letter that was sent to Cornell.  ICAN has also supported numerous lawsuits, including one that resulted in the employer dropping the mandate within hours of filing suit.  These efforts garnered publicity and made widely known that it is not legal to require an unlicensed vaccine and that the threat of a lawsuit for doing so was real.

We are confident that our efforts have played a major role in holding the line with regard to employee and university mandates of this unapproved and unlicensed vaccine.  The win can be measured by the fact that virtually no large corporations, putting aside a handful of hospitals and care facilities, have required this unlicensed vaccine and have typically indicated they will wait at least until it is approved and licensed by the FDA to consider a mandate.

With that accomplishment, ICAN turned its resources to fighting the next battle: licensure of the vaccine and vaccine passports.  You can read more about that in other portions of the COVID-19 section of this website.