AZ Health Department Sends Mixed Messages About COVID-19 Vaccines

We very recently reported that, after a legal demand sent by ICAN’s attorneys, the health department for the largest county in Arizona, Maricopa County, which includes Phoenix, removed an ad from YouTube that falsely claimed vaccinated individuals did not have to worry about spreading COVID-19.

A few days after that report, ICAN’s attorneys received a letter from an attorney representing Maricopa County.  This letter is incredible.  It acknowledges that the ad was taken down but goes on to say, don’t worry, the county otherwise conveys accurate health advice, including that the vaccines are “one of the many ways to stop the spread of COVID-19”!  What?!

It appears the officials running Maricopa County are confused or completely incompetent, if not both.  To be clear, they took down the video after ICAN, through its attorneys, explained that it was false to claim that vaccinated people cannot spread the virus, but yet in the very same letter in which the county acknowledges taking down this false video, it simultaneously attempts to reassure ICAN that it promotes accurate health advice by informing ICAN that the vaccine stops transmission!

This is another great example of why informed consent is so critical.  And ICAN will never stop fighting for informed consent and the ability for every person, without government coercion, to decide whether to consent to an injection.