BREAKING: ICAN is Supporting Religious Exemption Lawsuits in Every State That Does Not Have One for K-12 Students!

ICAN is proud to announce, on the heels of the historic Mississippi win, which secured a religious exemption from vaccination for K-12th graders, that its attorneys, led by Aaron Siri, are currently litigating the same in both West Virginia and New York. ICAN is also funding upcoming lawsuits to secure religious exemptions in the remaining holdout states (Maine, California, and Connecticut)! This will cover every U.S. state in an attempt to secure a religious exemption from vaccination for every K-12 student across our nation like we just did in Mississippi.

ICAN thanks each and every one of its supporters who help make this important legal work possible. If you are not already, please become a recurring ICAN donor today to help make this and all of the critically important work ICAN does possible!  Thank you!