BREAKING: West Virginia Will Now Have an Exemption to its K-12 School Vaccine Mandates

Yesterday, a bill that exempts private and parochial schools from the state’s childhood vaccine mandates passed in West Virginia and is expected to become law.

ICAN is pleased to announce that West Virginia private and parochial schools will now be able to offer an exemption to the state’s vaccine mandate for school children! ICAN recently supported a monumental lawsuit in Mississippi that restored a religious exemption for all elementary and secondary schools in that state. It then supported a lawsuit in West Virginia to do the same that is still ongoing but is already clearly having an impact. Rest assured, ICAN does not intend to stop until public school students in West Virginia also have an exemption available to them and ICAN will continue its legal efforts in the other four remaining states that do not yet have a non-medical exemption. Thank you for supporting this groundbreaking and critical work!

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