CDC Spends Your Money Culturing, Producing and Selling Cell Lines from Human Fetus Body Parts

ICAN has discovered that the CDC has cultured at least 22 different human cell lines, including cells derived from various body parts of aborted fetuses and neonates.

A year ago, ICAN, through its attorneys, sent a request to the CDC seeking documents regarding an aborted fetal cell line being used in vaccine production known as HEK.  In response, the CDC recently produced 281 pages of documents.  One of the emails from 2015 shockingly reveals a list of 22 human cell lines that the CDC “has cultured.”  Another email lists 47 cell lines that the CDC had “produced in the last two years” and at least 18 of them are human cell lines, including lines derived from the kidney and intestine of different fetuses.

ICAN will continue to seek and uncover the full extent of the CDC’s involvement in culturing and producing cell lines from fetus body parts.