CDC Uses Internet to Figure Out Covid Vaccine Ingredients!

What’s in the Covid-19 shots? How are the shots made? You would think the CDC would know the answer.  But in a series of emails, uncovered by ICAN through one of its requests, CDC vaccine leads needed to take to the internet to figure out whether aborted fetal cells are used in developing Covid-19 vaccines?!

In an email from October 2020, Amanda Cohn, who is the Lead of the Vaccine Planning Unit at the CDC, sends an email to six other members of the CDC asking “whether aborted fetal cells are used in development and manufacturing of any of the COVID-19 vaccines?”

You would expect the CDC would have the ingredients and manufacturing process readily available – and if not the CDC, at least the FDA.  Nope.  Instead, the CDC staff running our nation’s vaccine program ended up relying on a third party website, put up by the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP), for their answer!  That website explained that “Fetal cells [are] being used to produce some of the potential COVID‑19 vaccines.”

That CDC personnel need to search the internet and use a private entity’s webpage for information about products they license, recommend, oversee, and mandate would make for amusing sketch comedy, but since it is true, it is deeply troubling.  Alphabet “health” agencies should never have the ability to set policies that result in mandates, even if they were not this incompetent.