The seminal study regarding DTP vaccine and mortality found that children receiving this product during the first six months of life died at 10 times the rate when compared to unvaccinated children.  This confirmed what nearly a dozen other prior studies had showed – DTP increases mortality. 

 On December 5, 2017, ICAN sent this shocking study to UNICEF with a demand that it stop purchasing, distributing and pushing this vaccine into babies in dozens of developing countries around the globe. ICAN demanded that UNICEF join all the developed nations of the world in ceasing to use this dangerous product. UNICEF responded to ICAN’s demand on February 6, 2018, but it refused to comply. That refusal continued despite ICAN’s follow-up demands over the next year.

 In the face of UNICEF’s intransigence, ICAN on July 29, 2020, through its attorneys, submitted a formal complaint to the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity against the UNICEF officials involved in injecting and killing babies with the DTP vaccine.