Emails Reveal CDC Employees Circulating Articles Criticizing Del Bigtree and Celebrating the Deplatforming of The HighWire

As a result of a legal demands, ICAN’s attorneys recently received numerous internal CDC emails discussing ICAN’s founder, Del Bigtree.

In one email chain with the subject, “Del Bigtree removed from YouTube,” CDC employees circulate what appears to be a portion of a news article celebrating Del’s deplatforming from YouTube – something which they may have had a hand in given what we now know about Big Tech’s collusion with the CDC (among others).

The article excerpt, which appeared to contain a link to HighWire Episode 174, “The Cyber Attack on Truth,” cheered the censorship, stating, “While the de-platforming of The HighWire is an important step to reduce misinformation online, fans of the show continue to defend the ideologies promoted by Bigtree.”  Unsurprisingly, Dr. Melinda Wharton, Associate Director for Vaccine Policy at the CDC, in apparent excitement, responded with only “!”

CDC employees, including Captain Amanda Cohn, Chief Medical Officer for the CDC’s Vaccine Task Force, also circulated a June 30, 2020 article from Science, which cites Del as one of the numerous “antivaccine activists” using “increasingly sophisticated efforts to turn people against vaccines.”  Although the emails are (as usual) heavily redacted, the article appears to have prompted a meeting amongst numerous individuals within the CDC as well as HHS’s Office of Global Affairs to discuss “Vaccine confidence – COVID-19.”

Perhaps the most enlightening exchange was from CDC’s Carol Hayes, who sent an email to several higher-ups at the CDC with the subject line “Del Bigtree,” and the sole text “AHHHHHHH.”  It seems that she sent this during that day’s ACIP meeting and may have been referencing Del’s public comment to the committee.

While this level of professionalism is what one has come to expect from the heads of our public health agencies, you can rest assured that it only further strengthens ICAN’s resolve to expose their cover-ups with regard to vaccine safety.  Imagine if they spent their time on real issues that affect people’s health instead of gossiping about ICAN…