FDA Does Not Follow Its Own Advice Regarding Testing

The FDA repeatedly asserts the importance of tracking Covid infections in the workplace, schools, etc., authorizing hundreds of tests and even claiming that “testing remains a cornerstone of the national response to the pandemic and plays a central role in helping Americans get back to work, school and other important activities …”

But it does not appear the FDA follows its own advice in getting its employees back to work.  In February 2022, ICAN, through its attorneys, demanded that the FDA produce documents showing how many FDA employees had COVID-19 in June, July, and August 2021.  The FDA’s response?  Here it is in the FDA’s exact words: “FDA does not collect this information and therefore we have no responsive records.”

So, while companies are often required to track positive Covid-19 cases, the FDA itself is apparently not doing so?!

A marker of an authoritarian government is when its officials enforce requirements on everyday citizens that they themselves do not follow.  As another example, consider that the federal government mandates millions of 2- to 5-year-old children in Head Start programs to wear masks but, yet, look at this image from just a couple of weeks ago:

Shame on all of the politicians who would force a two-year-old to wear a mask all day long while they hobnob, gather and socialize in Congress mask-free.