Health Department Takes Down False Ad After ICAN Legal Demand

As the year end approaches, we would like to share a small example of the work ICAN does every day.

Despite the evidence that Covid vaccines do not prevent transmission, and even after the CDC director said they do not “prevent transmission,” vaccin e zealots cannot let go of their religious beliefs regarding these products.

In the face of the objective fact that vaccinated people can still transmit Covid, the largest “health” department in Arizona put out an ad claiming that if you inject yourself with this product, you do “not have to worry about the fact that, hey, I might give you Covid” and “can hug my family without having to worry.” Here are images from that ad:

So, ICAN, through its attorneys, sent a legal demand that the “health” department take down this ad from YouTube.  And we are pleased to report this false ad has now been taken down.

There are no social media “fact checkers” that will report this occurred.  No “mainstream” media outlets that will cover how health officials are spreading false vaccine information.  They don’t care about the truth – just pushing messaging from pharma and its marketing arm, CDC/FDA.

But you know the truth, and with your support we have been sharing the truth with tens of millions of people, and with your continued and growing support, we look forward to that number crossing hundreds of millions in 2022!