In light of the startling increase in reports of reproductive issues following vaccination, ICAN’s attorneys recently wrote a letter to our federal health agencies demanding to know why Americans were not given the same strict instructions regarding COVID-19 vaccines and reproduction that Pfizer gave its clinical trial participants.

Last week’s episode of The HighWire focused on reproductive harms seemingly resulting from COVID-19 vaccines, including the alarming rise in miscarriage and stillbirth rates.  ICAN’s legal team had already sent a letter to the FDA and CDC asking for a formal response to the questions raised by The HighWire.  In the letter, ICAN’s attorneys point out that Pfizer elected to implement very strict protocols around reproduction in its COVID-19 clinical trial, including:

  • requiring males to abstain from donating sperm and from heterosexual sex with women of childbearing potential unless they agreed to use a condom and a “highly effective method of contraception” for “at least 28 days” after their last shot;
  • banning women of childbearing potential entirely unless they were “using an acceptable contraceptive method” for at least 28 days after their last shot; and
  • banning pregnant or breastfeeding women.

This was likely for good reason since Pfizer had virtually no data on its vaccine’s effects on reproduction or on breastfeeding babies except for one study conducted prior to the clinical trial which showed lipids and mRNA concentrated in the testes for up to 48 hours post-vaccination.  Unfortunately, as the letter points out, post-marketing studies now show pregnancy and menstrual abnormalities, impairment of semen concentration and mobility and, worst of all, an increased incidence of spontaneous abortion associated with COVID-19 vaccination.

In light of this, ICAN’s letter asked three pointed questions, including a request for an explanation as to why federal health agencies, instead of giving the same strict study protocol instructions to the American public, went the opposite direction and strongly promoted that everyone 6 months and older receive a COVID-19 vaccine as soon as eligible – including pregnant and breastfeeding women.  ICAN additionally demanded to know what evidence or safety data the FDA and CDC had in making this recommendation and what studies, if any, are being conducted on the issue that have not been made public.

ICAN will keep you posted on any response we receive on this alarming issue but, in the interim, you can read the full letter here.