ICAN Funds its Attorneys to Depose and Cross-Examine the Godmother of Vaccines, Dr. Kathryn Edwards (And More!)

Our supporters – you – are able to learn about some of ICAN’s legal work through legal updates like this one. What you may not know is that ICAN not only funds work done directly on its behalf, but it also funds legal work for others on issues that have broad public benefit.

As one example, ICAN funded its lead attorney, Aaron Siri, Esq., to depose and cross-examine world-leading vaccinologist, Dr. Kathryn Edwards, the “Godmother of Vaccines.”  Dr. Edwards is also one of the four editors of Plotkin’s Vaccines,the authoritative medical textbook on vaccines. The deposition was taken in preparation for a trial regarding an individual who suffered serious vaccine injuries. The cross-examination happened at the trial.

ICAN supporters can now watch the riveting pre-trial deposition, and can then watch the shocking cross-examination at trial, which paint a worrisome picture of vaccine safety and policy in America.

Watch the pre-trial deposition here:

The deposition effectively locks Dr. Edwards into answers and facts that she cannot deny at trial.

Watch the trial cross-examination here

ICAN’s lead attorney, Aaron Siri, Esq., also deposed Dr. Stanley Plotkin, the “Godfather of Vaccines,” which you can watch here:

ICAN has also funded its attorneys to do a long list of other legal work for individuals that has important, often global, implications, including work for individuals injured in various Covid-19 vaccine clinical trials (such as Maddie de Garay), those challenging vaccine mandates (such as the car company challenging OSHA’s vaccine mandate), parents challenging laws permitting vaccinating their children without consent (such as Joshua Mazer in D.C.), individuals challenging failure to honor vaccine exemptions (such as members of the U.S. military and first responders in NYC, D.C., and other cities), etc. 

ICAN plans to continue to fund critical legal work even if ICAN is not directly involved.

Much of the legal work that has been and will be done cannot be publicly disclosed, typically because it does not make strategic sense to do so. However, we can share one legal challenge funded by ICAN that will likely be discussed widely in 2023: ICAN’s attorneys, on behalf of another organization but funded by ICAN, are currently in court seeking to obtain critical internal documents and emails directly from Pfizer.

We look forward to updating you on this and other ICAN-funded legal work.