New Moderna COVID-19 Documents from the February and March Productions Now Posted

FDA has released more than 370,000 pages of Moderna COVID-19 vaccine documents in February and March, as required by court order.

In May 2023, the attorneys who represent ICAN won a lawsuit that required FDA to produce all documents related to the authorization of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccines for ages 18+ and Pfizer ages 12-15. While the release of Pfizer documents is (purportedly) complete, the Moderna document productions continue.

The February 2024 release of documents related to Moderna’s Spikevax consisted of 189,834 pages, including6 study reports from mRNA studies in rats and numerous case report forms, detailing adverse events from participants in the clinical trials.The March 2024 release consisted of 183,206 pages, including more case report forms and an additional 16 nonclinical reports from mRNA studies on rats, monkeys, human cells, and more.

As always, ICAN encourages those interested to download the production and review the data. We will continue to keep you updated as more Moderna documents are released.

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