Pfizer Adds 600 Full-Time Employees to Handle Volume of Reported Adverse Events

The attorneys that represent ICAN are representing the plaintiff in a lawsuit against the FDA to obtain Pfizer’s covid vaccine documents.  They recently secured an unredacted copy of a previously produced post-authorization adverse event report. The lifted redactions reveal that within weeks of Pfizer’s vaccine being administered pursuant to emergency use authorization, Pfizer, apparently unexpectedly, had to hire 600 full time employees “to help alleviate the large increase of adverse event reports” being received by the company.

You can find initial redacted copy of the report here and the unredacted copy here with the redactions lifted on page 6.

The lifted redactions also reveal the number of doses that had been shipped as of the date of the report (just over 126 million doses), offering at least some denominator to assist in understanding the volume of reports following vaccination.  Notably, this is the number of doses shipped and the report does not disclose the number of doses administered by the date of the report.

ICAN will continue to review the incoming documents as they are made public and will continue to share them with our supporters.