The CDC’s Still Discussing How to Respond to Vaccine Safety Debate it Lost to ICAN Over a Year Prior!

ICAN’s attorneys have recently obtained internal CDC emails discussing how to respond to ICAN’s letters regarding its vaccine safety debate nearly a year and a half after ICAN’s last reply letter.

Back in March 2022, we told you about internal emails ICAN’s attorneys obtained from FDA, discussing the careful attention FDA higher-ups paid to ICAN’s seminal October 2017 letter to HHS (the parent department of FDA, CDC and NIH) regarding the lack of safety data for childhood vaccines.  HHS asked both the FDA and the CDC for input on its response, which it sent in early 2018 and which ICAN responded to on December 31, 2018.

Now, ICAN’s attorneys have obtained similar communications within the CDC, including emails marked with high importance apparently discussing how to respond, and others with the subject “RE: URGENT NEED YOUR INPUT: Incoming sps00436924 ICAN, Anti-Vax Org, Unhappy with HHS Reply Letter re: Vaccine Safety – DUE Monday, June 8, 2020.”

Although the emails are heavily redacted, of course (which ICAN plans to challenge), it is apparent that the CDC, like the FDA, spent significant time meeting and discussing how to respond to ICAN’s letter to HHS.  But like the FDA, we know that for all of the internal discussion and input, neither HHS nor the CDC ever provided any follow up response to ICAN’s reply letter.  They clearly had no rebuttal!

They even failed to respond after ICAN sent a follow up letter in March 2020, again prompting them for a response, and despite CDC’s internal discussions about ICAN’s letter!

If you have not already, we implore everyone to read the full exchange in the links below.  This is the great vaccine safety debate everyone is always stating should happen between the federal health authorities and those with concerns about vaccines.  Well, it happened!  Here it is: