US Surgeon General is Seeking Stories About Health “Misinformation” and ICAN Calls on You to Respond

The US. Surgeon General has made an offical request “calling for research, data, and personal experiences related to health misinformation.”

The online form contains 7 questions which present an opportunity for you to “have your voice heard, no matter who you are: …a health care worker, or someone who has seen the effect of health misinformation on their loved ones or community.”

If you have had an exerience related to misinformation from any source, perhaps from the CDC or the FDA, or from Anthony Fauci, or from your healthcare employer, they “want to hear from you!”

If you feel that you have been fed misinformation and it has somehow affected you, we call on you to share that with the Surgeon General today!  You should also share your experience on social media with the hashtag #HealthMisinformation.