Want Medical Freedom? Submit a Public Comment to the Government Against its Vaccine Mandates

Very frequently, supporters of ICAN ask us: what can we do?  Here is a very simple, yet very important thing that each one of you can and should do.

On September 9, 2021, President Biden announced, as part of his Path Out of the Pandemic, a mandate for all federal contractors to be vaccinated for COVID-19.  The government is now seeking public comment about the guidance which requires vaccination for all federal contractors.  On the same date, President Biden announced that he would direct OSHA to mandate private employers with 100 or more employees to mandate COVID-19 vaccines or testing and masking.  On November 6, 2021, OSHA enacted an emergency temporary standard requiring just that.  The government is also seeking public comment about this mandate.

Please make a public comment sharing your thoughts about why federal contractors should not be mandated to be vaccinated in order to keep their jobs and why private employers should not be forced to mandate that their employees be vaccinated.

Visit the docket for the OSHA ETS.  Comments are due on or before January 19, 2021.  On this page, you will see a blue box that says, “Comment” near the top left of the page.

Visit the docket for the federal contractor guidance.  Comments are due on or before December 16, 2021.  For this comment, you need to select the middle tab “Browse Documents” and then select “Comment” in the Notice section below that tab:

For both dockets, you will click on the “Comment” button and can either manually type in your comment and/or attach a document to your comment.  (It is advised that you write your comment elsewhere and then copy/paste it into this section so that it is not lost.)

Please note: all comments will be made public on the docket so only include information that you want publicly shared and avoid sharing information such as personal address, email, phone number, etc.

It is incredibly important that you all share your thoughts and make your voices heard.  Help ICAN by adding to our voice.  Let’s make clear to the federal government that we the people do not want the government making our medical decisions!