James Scherrer

James Morgan Scherrer is a passionate, inquisitive, truth-seeker currently applying his diverse experience in media production for social and humanitarian causes, the preservation of Constitutional rights and children’s advocacy. James’ media production experience in Film & Television includes hit-shows Kid Nation, Extreme Makeover Home Edition, 500 Questions, documentary films and commercials. James has a broad spectrum of interests, ranging from Independent film, writing, photography, art, acting, farming, traveling, and spending time with his family and animals at his home outside of Boulder, Colorado. His spiritual training and practice is rooted in the Indigenous Q’ero tribe of Peru, South America and the Lakota lineage of First Americans.

James’s personal and professional experience make him a harmonizing force, a supportive team-player, an empathic communicator, and able to authentically interface with a broad spectrum of individuals and organizations; James uses theoretical, developmental and practical applications for generating solutions. “I want to help save the world”, best describes his life’s motto.

Jefferey Jaxen

Jefferey Jaxen is a researcher, investigative journalist, and writer consistently on the front lines of original content creation in the health, wellness, and news sectors. An early adopter of “new media” Jefferey has shared his talents to create a unique online brand of health journalism. Jefferey is steadily working behind the scenes to spotlight the untold, censored and under-reported stories of our time. His investigative voice, original content, and reporting abilities are now a staple for a growing audience.

Patrick Layton

Patrick joins the ICAN team off the heels of a position with the Autism Media Channel, as the Driver for the Vaxxed Nation Tour. Patrick personally drove over 24,000 miles in the driver’s seat of the Vaxxed bus, visiting dozens of cities, advocating for health freedom, and connecting with thousands of parents and families like his own, as a father of two vaccine-injured children who regressed into autism.

Combining operational, marketing, and performance experience in fine arts, Patrick is dedicated to advocating for parents of children with chronic illness, and for informed consent.

Nicole Cromartie

Nicole Cromartie has been a long time supporter of ICAN and is excited to join the team as ICAN’s Major Gift Officer. Nicole is a Texas native and graduated with honors from the University of Houston with a bachelor’s degree in psychology and human development. She has a professional background in philanthropy and working with high net-worth individuals. Nicole is passionate about holistic living and advocating for medical freedom. She strives to raise her two young children free from pharmaceutical products and interventions. Above all, Nicole believes that our bodies were designed with an innate capacity to heal and that every individual is the ultimate authority over their health and the health of their children.

Catharine Layton

Catharine Layton is an advocate for children, scientific integrity and fundamental rights at local, state and national levels. She brings with her over ten years of experience in non-profit organizational operation and is a Certified Nonprofit Executive with the National Association of Nonprofit Organizations and Executives and also holds a Certificate in Immunology from Harvard Medical School. With a pedigree including a versatile background in business management, fine arts, and scientific research, she helps to harmonize the unique goals of ICAN and its educational, legal and media programs.

Del Bigtree

Del Bigtree is one of the preeminent voices of the vaccine risk awareness movement around the world. He is the founder of the non-profit, Informed Consent Action Network, and host of a rapidly growing internet talk show The HighWire, boasting over 33 million views to date. Del’s multi-pronged approach incorporates legal, legislative, and media actions to expose the fraud, lies, and conflicts of interest that have allowed the pharmaceutical industry to evade standardized safety testing for vaccines. This collusion between government agencies and the pharmaceutical industry, now the most powerful lobby in Washington, has led to a dramatic increase in vaccine injuries, estimated to be as high as 5.9 million cases per year in the US alone. Despite mainstream media sources such as the New York Times and Washington Post blame so-called “Anti-Vaxxers” for the growing trend of vaccine hesitancy, Del has focused the spotlight on the real issue – the shocking lack of credible vaccine science.

Del’s foray into the vaccine issue was anything but intentional. After spending a decade celebrating great doctors, cutting edge surgeries and medical breakthroughs as a producer on The Dr. Phil Show and the CBS medical talk show, The Doctors, it was a routine investigation into the story of a whistleblower at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that catapulted Del into the vaccine debate. When every news agency in television, including The Doctors, refused to cover the story of Dr. William Thompson, a senior scientist at the CDC who had provided over 10,000 documents to support his claim that the agency had destroyed scientific evidence proving a connection between vaccines and autism, Del put his career on the line and left network television to make one of the most controversial documentaries in history: Vaxxed: From Cover-Up To Catastrophe. The film became a worldwide phenomenon when it was abruptly removed from the 2016 Tribeca Film Festival lineup under unprecedented pressure by the festival’s medical sponsor, The Sloan Foundation.

Del is now one of the most sought after public speakers in the natural health arena, often gathering audiences in the thousands who travel from around the world to be inspired by his unique blend of passion, wit, and scientific expertise. He has worked directly with the likes of Robert Kennedy Jr., Robert DeNiro, and Jenny McCarthy, and was an official member of the 2017 Kennedy Vaccine Safety Delegation at the National Institute of Health arranged by President Trump. He is the recipient of multiple awards including an Emmy Award as a producer on The Doctors, Best Drama at the New York Television Festival, and the Health Freedom Hero Award from the National Health Freedom Federation, the oldest natural health organization in America. He has appeared on several primetime news networks including ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX and has been interviewed by countless radio and Internet personalities ranging from Tom Hartman to David Knight of Infowars. Above all, Del is most fulfilled by his work with the brave mothers and fathers of vaccine injured children who are marching on state capitols around the nation to stop Big Pharma’s push to forcibly inject every American citizen with vaccines, a product the Supreme Court has described as “unavoidably unsafe.”