Jenna Funderburk

Jenna’s introduction to the medical freedom movement began in 2016 as an expectant mother on a mission to navigate the myriad of products available and the complex world of parenting decisions. Her dedication to safeguarding her children’s future freedoms led her to join ICAN as a volunteer in 2020, where she quickly became an integral part of the team and was appointed Director of Development, managing various behind-the-scenes operations at both ICAN and The HighWire.  

Outside of her work, Jenna is active in her church community and cherishes spending time outdoors with her husband and four beautiful and healthy children. She also loves tending to her garden and baking homemade sourdough. Her commitment to spreading the message of informed consent both through her work and in her community has allowed Jenna to make a meaningful impact on the lives of many parents and children.