Early V-safe Free-Text Entries Show Remarkable Consistency in the Frequency of Mentions of Adverse Events

In March, CDC released the second batch of V-safe free-text entries. V-safe was the vaccine safety monitoring system rolled out for COVID-19 vaccines. It took an order from a federal judge for the American public to get access to these entries, wherein users could type in up to 250 characters about anything they wanted, including details on the symptoms they were experiencing.

At first look, there’s remarkable consistency between the 390,000 text entries received in February and the 390,000 text entries received in March (made by 523,150 unique V-safe users) in terms of the number of times certain symptoms were reported. For example, in both the February and March productions, roughly 3,200 entries mention the symptom of “shortness of breath.” For the term “heart palpitations” there were about 1,900 reports in the February batch and 1,600 in the March batch. Concerningly, these are both symptoms of myocarditis. In addition, in each batch there were roughly 1,000 reports of “ringing” of the ears (tinnitus), which studies and news reports have linked to the COVID-19 vaccines, despite CDC’s refusal to recognize it as an adverse event.

Here are a few examples of the sobering entries received and presumably ignored by CDC:

  • “My tinnitus is off the charts. It is EXTREMELY LOUD. Had I know [sic] the vaccination would make my tinnitus worse I would have NEVER gotten the vaccine. Put it this way, if I was suicidal I would be dead by now thats [sic] how bad it is.”
  • “I had miscarriage after 2nd dose of Pfizer covid vaccine. I felt fine until I had the vaccine and within 48 hrs pregnancy symptoms ceased. I have no history of fertility issues or complications and had 2 healthy uneventful pregnancies prior to this.”
  • “Today, I experienced heart palpitations accompanied by tachycardia, dizziness, and weakness. These symptoms lasted about 4 hours and my heart rate was between 135-145. I have never experienced any of these symptoms until today.”
  • “Loss of consciousness and seizure immediately following injection. Went to ER by ambulance.”

A full analysis of the data won’t be possible until we have all 7.8 million entries. In the meantime, we encourage those interested to download the data and review it yourselves.

See below for more examples of ICAN’s work in demanding truthful information about COVID-19 vaccines: