BREAKING: ICAN Obtains Data Used to Identify “Hot Lots” of Moderna and Pfizer COVID Vaccines

ICAN has obtained exclusive, previously unreleased lot and dose data for the Moderna and Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines. This data makes it possible to determine the number of doses distributed per lot number. According to OpenVAERS’ analyses of this data obtained by ICAN, there are several “hot lots.”

Since March of 2022, ICAN has been working tirelessly to get full transparency on Moderna’s and Pfizer’s COVID-19 lot and dose data. Without this data, it’s difficult to identify “hot lots” based on VAERS adverse reaction reports since, until now, we did not have the data on how many doses were distributed for each lot. Without knowing that number, it was not possible to conclude the rate of harm reported for each lot. But now we have the data to do this math! 

ICAN is pleased to announce that its legal team extracted from the CDC the data needed to determine the number of doses distributed per lot.  

Obtaining this data took two-and-a-half years of effort, including multiple FOIA requests and a lawsuit resulting in some initial data being released in June 2022, October 2022, and July 2023. But ICAN wasn’t satisfied with CDC’s omission of crucial data, so ICAN’s attorneys filed appeals for both the Pfizer lot data and the Moderna lot data. Based on our history, CDC likely knew ICAN would sue if the appeals were denied (as we have countless times before), so on December 13, 2023, CDC finally capitulated and released the updated data sets.

ICAN shared this data with the folks at OpenVAERS, who were able to match it to VAERS data and put together some eye-opening analyses which appear to reveal that certain lots had an unusually high number of adverse reactions. Their graph below, for example, shows that one lot from both Pfizer and Moderna was responsible for extremely large numbers of myocarditis reports.

You can download the Moderna data here and the Pfizer data here and you can review all of OpenVAERS’ analysis of the data here, here, and here. ICAN encourages all interested parties to conduct their own analyses from the raw data. Stay tuned for J&J lot data and analyses.

Thank you for supporting ICAN’s ongoing fight to shine the spotlight on the information our public “health” agencies would rather remain hidden.

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