Exclusive: ICAN Obtains Critical Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine Lot Information

A year ago, ICAN announced it obtained lot, dose, and distribution information for Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine. ICAN is pleased to announce that, after a full year of legal battles, its attorneys have also obtained lot, dose, and distribution information for Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine. As with the Pfizer data, this data will help enable analyses to determine if certain lots were “hot lots” that resulted in more severe and/or numerous adverse event reports.

In March 2022, ICAN’s attorneys filed two FOIA requests with CDC seeking information on Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine lot numbers, total doses administered, lot shipments, and distribution. When CDC responded with heavily redacted and virtually useless documents, ICAN was ultimately forced to file suit against CDC and HHS.

Eventually, CDC agreed to produce the unredacted Moderna data and ICAN has recently received the final batch of data. ICAN is pleased to make this data available to the public.

We know from VAERS data that certain Moderna vaccine lots appear to be responsible for a disproportionate number of reported deaths and injuries. But without knowing the total number of doses shipped per lot, it was impossible to know the truth. Now, as with the Pfizer vaccine, the public will have full access to this vital data and can do the analyses that our government has unfortunately failed to do itself.

You can download the Moderna data here.

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