CDC and NIH Unable to Provide a Single Study to Support the Safety of Injecting Aluminum Adjuvants Despite its Widespread Use in Childhood Vaccines

CDC and NIH’s responses to ICAN’s Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests regarding aluminum adjuvant reveal a stunning admission: they do not have a single study to support the safety of recommending repeated injection of this cyto- and-neuro toxic substance as part of the CDC’s childhood vaccine schedule.

Aluminum adjuvants are literally toxic to the human body, causing cellular and nerve death. That is why they are often used in vaccines to elicit a strong immune response, which they do by causing carnage to the cells they come into contact with at the injection site and by binding to the antigens in the vaccine to make them appear dangerous to the body. Aluminum adjuvants also cause immune dysregulation, which is why they are used in labs to induce autoimmunity in mice.

Given the dangers of this substance, ICAN wanted to know what our “health” agencies relied upon to claim they are safe. 

That journey began on February 19, 2019 when ICAN’s attorneys submitted a FOIA request asking the CDC to produce evidence of the safety of aluminum in infant and childhood vaccines. Given the CDC’s “safe and effective” mantra, one would think that the CDC would have stacks of studies readily available to support the safe use of aluminum adjuvants, a primary ingredient in many vaccines. That proved not to be the case.

In March 2019, the CDC denied the request, complaining that the FOIA request was too broad.  ICAN pushed back and, ultimately the CDC admitted that it had no documents showing the safety of aluminum in childhood vaccines!

In May 2019, ICAN appealed that response, challenging the adequacy of the CDC’s search of its records. Incredibly, it took HHS (CDC’s parent agency) another nearly three and a half years to come up with its final response on September 27, 2022, stating, yet again that it could not locate a single study.

To be thorough, ICAN’s attorneys also sent the same request to the NIH, which responded the same way, conceding that no records were found.

This is yet another example of the failure of our health agencies to look out for the best interests of our children and the inability of these agencies to justify their own claims and policies. Aluminum adjuvanted vaccines are required for entry to school, yet no data exists supporting their ingredient’s safety. But don’t worry, they are so safe they even removed liability for pharma companies for injuries!

ICAN will tirelessly persist with its crucial work in holding these agencies accountable.

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